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The ERP/Software Audit involve a detailed review and validation of the existing ERP / software system in terms of its functional performance. A full fledged mapping of the existing business process in relation to the application software is carried out. Based on the same, the utilization of all functional modules are captured and evaluated.

An important factor for success of any application implementation is utilization levels by the users. The Audit analyses, records and evaluates the utilization. Further, the existing access controls of the users are reviewed and a detailed analysis of MIS reports are performed.

The crux of the audit is in validating the input versus output from the ERP /software that meet business requirements. Recommendation for optimization and enhancement to the existing application is one of the key deliverable of the Audit wherever applicable.

The salient benefits of the audit:

  • Clarity in terms of usage of the ERP/Software
  • Knowledge of user with respect to software
  • Easy and definitive approach to ERP optimization
  • Limiting or eliminating manual work done related to business process
  • Supports planning for ERP scale up
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