Covid 19 Emergency global IT support ( Remote): FREE till may 31st 2020

Services offered :

Remote IT Infrastructure support ( SME's and Large organisations) : max 3 tickets per company

Remote VA PT Audit ( max 5 IPs) : Only for SME's

Remote application support ( Subject to resource availability with relevant skill)

IT consulting and advisory towards planning post COVID 19 business environment. : Only for SME's

Every resource to support every other across companies in our IT industry in this testing times. Idea is to support our industry and its clients and never to create an opportunity .. Countries to be supported : INDIA , USA, UK, SPAIN,ITALY, FRANCE, GERMANY .

Together humanity wins ...

Stay home .. Stay safe ..

Note : The FREE service doesn't have any binding with future business commitment from organisations utilising this support.

For support reach us at coronasupport@inspacetech.com

Our Presence: India | Saudi Arabia | Singapore | UAE